Matt L.
So Franks is new. So rating here is a placeholder. I'm going back in a couple weeks. First glance seems the crew that made Surfside great is in the building. My first pie was good, but not great. My guess/hope is that when the kinks are worked out, this place will stand head and shoulders above the rest. Till then - good pie, nice help at counter, lots of room to park. See you in a couple weeks.
Siri H.
pizza and subs are great! the service was very kind, and felt very welcoming!! definitely recommend
Lucy Desmond
Best pizza I’ve had in my life. Best pizza on the north shore. Doesn’t get better than this folks!!! The meatball sub is also out of sight!! Heard they’re homemade…I’ll definitely be back.
Heather Elizabeth
We got a large cheese last night and the whole family loved it. We will definitely be repeat customers
Larry Oaks
Terrific pizza. They just opened and they’re already a contender for best on Cape Ann. Easy parking and great staff too!
Rose-Ellen Provencher Padavano
We ordered a slice of cheese pizza and eggplant parm sub. Both were delicious. We loved the bread!
Rebecca Ogle
Got 2 pizzas very delicious I’ll be back for sure